The art of taking a print from ink floating on water was first developed in Japan and by the 12th century the art
of Suminagashi had been established. In the beginning of the 15th century the art of marbling would make its
entrance into Turkey by way of the Silk Road where the use of all an all water based art form was developed.

Ebru or Turkish Marbling is a classical marbling technique producing one-of-a-kind floating pictures.
Choosing from a wide variety of colors, liquid paints are placed on top of a thickened transparent fluid bath,
creating a unique color palette, which can then be manipulated to create an endless array of designs. This is
done using combs, rakes and hand held styluses. Beautiful patterns and various other effects are created by
drawing through a second application of paint that is placed directly on top of the first. Finally, a single print of
the composed design is transferred to paper or silk.

EBRU SILK SCARF DYEING from michelle goodwin on Vimeo.

SILK SCARF DYING from michelle goodwin on Vimeo.

EBRU SILK SCARF DYEING PT. 3 from michelle goodwin on Vimeo.

ebru v2 from michelle goodwin on Vimeo.

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